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There’s Always Time to Add Inspiration to Your Holiday

If you’re like most parents, the week before Christmas is a buzz with your little one’s (and maybe your not-so-little one’s) holiday excitement. Letters to Santa and gift guessing is fun, but Christmas can take on an attitude of “me, me, me” if we’re not careful.

Teaching your children the importance of serving others is always a good idea. Although you only have a few more days before Christmas, don’t let that stop you from making someone’s holiday a little bit brighter.

  • Make cookies with your kids and deliver them to your local fire station, police station, or assisted living home. Show community service employees your appreciation for what they do every day to keep you your family safe.

  • When you get gas, groceries, or coffee, pay for the customer in front of you. Paying it forward inspires your kids to put others first.

  • Send Christmas and holiday cards to military personnel overseas. It means so much to get cards when you’re stationed in another country far away.

  • Choose a day before the holiday and serve each other at home. Begin with one parent doing another parent’s normal chore, like taking out the trash or grocery shopping. Then extend this act of service to the kids by having them help their sibling. This can build a sense of community within your home.

  • Have each family member clean out their closet and collect items to deliver to the local shelter. This teaches kids to take care of those with less.

Parents that encourage inspiration and service teach their children invaluable lessons about giving back and living a selfless life. Since parents are the first and most influential teacher their child will ever have, these are lessons kids never forget.


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