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Surviving the Summer Slump

If you feel stuck in a summer slump, you’re not alone. The kids are out of school, programs have summer hours, and friends and coworkers are on vacation. Even your relationship seems to be in a slump. The plans you had to get in shape or spend more time with your partner have slipped away because it’s too hot or you couldn’t find a babysitter. You begin feeling less motivated.

No matter where you are in your slump’s progression, you can change your summer around. Motivation is not just about getting yourself up and moving; it’s the ability to keep momentum despite your situation. Kickstarting your motivation and momentum doesn’t involve anyone but yourself. The tips below will have you moving again no matter what your kids, partner, or friends do.

  1. Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals. Two or three works best. Write them down.

  2. Keep track of daily victories. For example, if one of your goals is to increase your exercise, keep track of how many steps you take each day. Celebrate it at the end of the day.

  3. Use challenges (time pressures or schedules) as an opportunity to advocate for yourself. Learning to say “no” is an important skill that will help you maintain your goals.

  4. Maintaining goals means scheduling. If improving your relationship over the summer is a goal, then you must schedule time in your calendar. Date nights should be on the calendar and take priority over the kids and friends.

  5. To keep momentum, stay curious and try new things. Maybe you can’t keep going to the same exercise group you go to in the fall or maybe your regular babysitter is away for the summer, but that doesn’t mean your goals need to be put on hold. Try a new form of exercise. Get a new sitter so your kids can learn different styles and/or appreciate their old one. If a project is delayed due to schedules, begin a new one you’ve put off due to lack of time.

Staying motivated through the summer is easier when you take responsibility for your actions. Instead of blaming your kids, your partner, or your workplace for your feelings of defeat, change your thinking. Any action you make toward your goal is a step out of the ‘’summer slump” and into the right direction.


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