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5 Reasons Monogamy Makes Sex Better

When you hear about great sex, you don’t usually hear about it being monogamous. The kind of sex you hear about is made to appear wild, exciting and for the most part recreational. Couples who enjoy a great sex life don’t feel the need to boast; it’s intimate and respected by both partners. These couples share something much greater than “good sex.” They share a great relationship, which contributes to making sex better.

The world is full of desperately lonely people; for the majority of them, feeling connected with someone often involves sex. However, that’s an extremely narrow and short-sighted view. Great sex is a by-product of a deeper love and commitment to one person; it’s within that bond that gives meaning to the best sex you’ll ever have.

If you’re asking yourself, “How could anyone have sex with one person for the rest of their life and enjoy it,” the suggestions below will help.

  1. Monogamous sex is better for your mental and emotional health. When you’re committed to one person, you know that person has your back. They’re faithful to you and that sort of love is better for your heart than the drama and stress of having different lovers. Going to bed with someone who shares a vision with you promotes security and trust.

  2. Monogamy makes you focus on keeping your sex life exciting. When you’re with someone, you make a commitment to keeping your sex life fun and active. Your partner is going to be a constant motivator to keep you off the couch and in the bedroom.

  3. Monogamy is more adventurous than non-monogamous. Trust is built in monogamous relationships and, therefore, it’s no surprise that couples who are monogamous report more adventurous sex. Taking on different roles or sharing fantasies is easier when you trust your partner.

  4. Monogamous partners report feeling more respect for their partner than non-monogamous partners. Couples who are committed to each other don’t view sex simply as a recreational activity. They see it as a bond and a way to appreciate their partner.

  5. Monogamous couples share a friendship first and know that good sex is about being able to be yourself and let go. Being able to laugh and play while being intimate is one of the benefits of monogamous sex.

Experts in the field of sex agree that successful monogamous couples commit to having regular sex (at least once a week) to keep a relationship healthy. They also encourage bringing novelty into their sex lives; this includes reading books, going to movies, attending retreats, traveling, and trying new experiences together whenever possible. Couples who continue to be curious rather than judgmental of each other thrive together in their relationship and love.


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