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Is it love or the pandemic making them stay?

Social distancing and quarantining have affected most relationships. Managing stress and conflict while balancing work/home life were already challenging pre-pandemic. When you add the additional pressures of financial distress, job status, illness, and isolation created by COVID-19, relationships are even more strained. Couples that were not sure of their relationship status pre-pandemic have resigned themselves to sticking it out together, leaving many to wonder, “Is my partner in the relationship because they really love me or they are afraid of being alone?” If you’re questioning whether it’s true love or pandemic fear, below are some signs of a healthy relationship.

  1. When it’s true love, your partner trusts you. Your partner is willing to share their vulnerabilities with you and trusts you to protect their inner most feelings. They aren’t suspicious of your intentions or worried about your commitment.

  2. When it’s true love, your partner respects you. They listen to you and respect your views even when they aren’t the same as theirs. They consider your feelings and opinions when making decisions.

  3. When it’s true love, they show affection physically and with small acts of kindness. When someone loves you, others can see it – a hug, holding hands, or a simple love note go a long way.

  4. When it’s true love, your partner includes you in their decisions about the future. Couples who are committed to their relationship share a vision for the future. They include each other in their conversations with friends and family and use “we” instead of “me.”

  5. When it’s true love, your partner protects you when you are criticized and helps you feel better when you are down. When someone cares for you, how you feel matters to them. They feel sad when you’re hurt and want to help lift you up. This is why healthy relationships make us stronger and more compassionate.

There are many ways to tell if someone genuinely loves you but talking to your partner about these five can help. Being honest and talking to your partner is the best way to find out how your partner feels, and it will help you avoid needless anxiety and resentment.



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