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Creating End of Summer Fun Memories Amidst the Pandemic

It’s back to school season, but you still have time to create fun memories with your child and celebrate the end of summer. Although you cannot travel far, you can relive things you loved doing as a child and feel more refreshed and ready for the uncertainty of going back to school during a pandemic. Children watch their parents; when parents take time to celebrate and get excited about activities, their child feels more secure and is better at accepting change.

If you think back to your childhood, you may find that it was the simple things that brought you the happiest memories. We usually rely on screens, video games, and technology to play with our child, but there are so many other options to create everlasting memories with your child. Here are my 5 favorite memories with my family that may help you plan your end of summer family fun.

  1. Create a day of summer camp. Your child may not have been able to go to camp, but you can create a day camp. Have planned activities and quiet time scheduled. Most camps include one water activity, one arts and crafts activity, snacks, and movie time. If you plan it ahead, it will be easier to get supplies.

  2. Get your kids up and take them to the park for breakfast. Instead of packing a picnic at noon, pack a breakfast. Making a breakfast you can eat at the park can be done the night before with fruits, cereal, yogurt, and drinks. Watching the sunrise with your parents at the beach, a park, or even the backyard is a favorite memory for children.

  3. Teach them games you played as a child. Show them how to play Simon Says, Red Light/Green Light, horseshoes, or a game of baseball. I still have vivid memories of playing baseball with my parents and family.

  4. Plant a fall-themed garden. If your family loves pizza, planting basil, tomatoes, or other vegetables you put on a pizza makes it more special and fun for children.

  5. Get out in the evening and catch fireflies. You can find fireflies in parks or in the countryside. Children love nighttime activities. Being out with mom and dad hunting fireflies builds special summer memories even during a pandemic.

Happy memories we carry with us from childhood help decrease anxiety and depression and facilitate peace well into our adult years. Make your home one that values working and playing together. It is going to be a year of uncertainty but don’t let that dampen your joy in creating fun memories together.


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