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5 Ways to Communicate Your Commitment on Social Media

The holiday season is one of the most popular times for marriage proposals and, due to the pandemic, many of those proposals are happening virtually. However, you don’t have to be getting married to show your partner you’re committed to them. No matter what social media platform you use to communicate with each other, you can communicate your intentions so your partner will know you’re serious about them.

Here are five signals that communicate commitment to your partner online:

  1. You update your social media profile to say you are officially dating someone. This shows everyone that you are no longer looking and makes your partner feel secure.

  2. You post photos of the two of you together. This confirms to your partner that the two of you are a couple, and you see yourself as part of the relationship.

  3. Introducing them to your closest online friends. This elevates your partner to being in your inner circle and helps them feel more attached and committed to you. Friends are necessary in helping support the two of you during tough times, which stabilizes your commitment.

  4. You send texts or instant messages throughout the day. This tells your partner you’re thinking about them, even when you have nothing to say. It also makes your partner feel special.

  5. You post supportive messages when your partner achieves something important to them. Being supportive with your partner’s personal interests tells them you’re proud of them and don’t need the relationship to be all about you. It’s a healthy way to express your support for the interests and passions that make your partner feel good.

When couples make a public declaration of their intentions, they are more committed to making it work. Telling your partner how you feel is only as good as your ability to match your actions with your words. Commitment is a promise and action you make every day. Saying it online may work to be a constant reminder and improve your follow-through with actions.


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