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5 Ways Your Relationship Scores with the Superbowl

The Super Bowl can be a super time for your relationship. After all, sharing a common goal is a great way to build your relationship; what better way to share a common goal than to cheer your team to a victory together? The Super Bowl is an event of excitement and visual stimulation that provides plenty of time to give each other attention. Channeling the attitude of NFL players can help you win in your relationship.

  1. Have your huddle time. When making big decisions, the whole team needs to be on board and communicate what is going to happen. Communication is the number one issue that contributes to relationship success.

  2. Be number one in teamwork. A relationship requires team works so be an active partner. Make sure food preparations are shared and help take care of the chores so you and your partner can both enjoy the game.

  3. Be a class act and shine the limelight with your team member. The football players who are most respected by their team are the ones who share the praise. When someone compliments or comments on your success be sure to also attribute it to your parent’s support.

  4. Half-time is couple time. During half-time the players take a break, relax, and talk about what they need to do to win. They get inspired and you should, too. The commercials and talent will be replayed over and over, but you can never replay your intimate time. Take advantage of 30 minutes, and use the endorphins inspired by Super Bowl excitement to lead the way to the bedroom.

  5. Being a winning team requires 100% investment. You must endure many ups and downs. The same is true in your relationship. No relationship is perfect, and all relationships have rough times. Your investment and willingness to invest 100% with commitment and perseverance are what makes your relationship a winner!

At the end of the game, there’s clean-up duty. If you make that a playful, fun part of the game, you can end up with a relationship trophy more valuable to you and your family than a Super Bowl Trophy.

Addendum: Interesting fact though about the Super Bowl Trophy: It stands 22 inches high (56 Cm. The Vince Lombardi Trophy stands 22 inches) and weighs 7 pounds (3.2 kg.). It depicts a football in a kicking position on a three concave sided stand and is made of sterling silver.

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