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Addictions don’t take a day off

When it comes to an addiction, there is no holiday. If you’ve watched the news you’ve heard about Anthony Weiner’s addictions – sending explicit photos to women via social media. It cost him his political career and his marriage; yet, people are constantly seeking approval from social media. What is going on? Much of social media’s addictive tendencies is the ability to receive immediate feedback. The feelings that come from a post being shared or liked feed an ego that becomes out of control and craves attention. Ways to stop social media addiction:

  • To combat fear of missing out, get a real life. Get an interest and invest in your life instead of your likes.

  • Work on your self-esteem and stop comparing yourself to others. The more you compare the more you need to post to feel better about yourself. It becomes a vicious cycle.

  • Take media days off. Your reality is based on your perception; change your perception and your reality changes.

  • Addictions have always been with around and they never take breaks. Family get-togethers and celebrations can create stress that often makes addictions worse. Addictions are bad habits that turn into rituals of behavior and are craved as way of managing feelings. There is biochemistry and brain changes that happen the longer the addiction is practiced.

Things you can do to help tackle addiction issues:

  • Join a 12 Step Group.

  • Partners or family of an addict should join AL anon.

  • Get rid of whatever causes your addiction behaviors. For example, food addicts have to clean their pantries and refrigerators. Alcoholics and their family should not store liquor in their home. If you’re a shopper, get rid of your credit cards and pay cash only.

  • Support groups and beginning new healthy coping behaviors help you stay accountable and on track.

  • Individual, as well as family counseling, help put the family back into a healthy place that the addiction has destroyed.

Addictions aren’t a passing phase; they destroy individuals as well as family and friends. If you have addictions in your family history, make plans to learn to cope with stress and uncomfortable feelings in a healthy way. The worst thing about addictions is that they sneak up on you; before you’re aware of your dependence, they destroy the love of everyone you hold dear.

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