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Before showing:

A. The apartment (house) is cleaned in the same way as it was in the photo.

B. Plumbing is being washed

B. All rooms are ventilated.

D. If the apartment is for sale, the landing is cleaned.

D. Foreign smell in the entrance is eliminated with chlorine-containing products. Chlorine kills the bacteria that cause odor. When it smells of bleach, the buyer always has a feeling of well-groomed entrance.

And finally, keep a list of all the buyers who came to see the property. Below I will explain why this list is needed.

Chapter 38

The presentation of real estate is words, images and emotions.

One of the basic principles of presentation is this: words evoke emotions, and emotions make you act. If you want to avoid a negative reaction of the buyer or, on the contrary, cause a positive one, you need to think about the words that you pronounce at the showing of the apartment. And sometimes it is better to be completely silent than to utter the phrases that I will list in this chapter.


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