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Relationships, Parenting, and Emotional Wellness

June 28, 2020

The 4th of July is a celebration of our country’s birthday and independence. Celebrating this important day with your family will become part of your child’s adult memories, and your child’s affection and honor for their country begins at home with you. Our country has...

June 26, 2020

With the onslaught of the pandemic, almost all of us spending more time together at home and traveling for the 4th of July or seeing a fireworks display looks more and more unlikely. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create fireworks in your own bedroom. Prior to th...

June 24, 2020

Relationships thrive on appreciation. When partners don’t feel appreciated, they often withdraw, lash out, or put up defensive walls. Although it may be done subconsciously, the results are devastating to a relationship. Feeling ignored or taken for granted leads to re...

June 19, 2020

The recent killing of George Floyd and acts of violence toward black people have touched the world with pain, guilt, shame, and anger. Many of us struggle to find the words or actions that will contribute peace and justice to those exhausted with the daily trauma of ra...

June 17, 2020

When we think of teaching skills, such as consideration for others and empathy, we often default to moms having the greater influence. But new research has shown that dad’s engagement in the family has more influence with raising empathetic and considerate children. Th...

June 12, 2020

Dads are so important in their child’s life. One of the biggest emotional losses for a child regardless of age is the loss of their dad. It doesn’t matter how old you are when it happens; you feel as though a part of you is gone. If you grew up with an absent dad or on...

June 10, 2020

In all relationships there will be times when you feel as though you are doing it all. Whether it’s an illness or career change, sometimes you have to take on more so your partner can attend to unexpected changes. Usually these times are temporary, and you can see the...

June 3, 2020

You have spent the past 10 weeks together – working from home, exercising from home, and schooling from home. Normal routines like going to the gym or meeting up with friends are put on hold, and the stress of losing a job or getting sick is starting to affect couples....

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