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Relationships, Parenting, and Emotional Wellness

October 22, 2017

Why falling out of love may be the best thing that happens to your marriage.

Divorce happens in approximately one out of two marriages. That number has fluctuated and, although we are currently seeing fewer divorces, many people still choose divorce over working on thei...

September 24, 2017

We all feel it – whether it’s caused by work pressure, financial strain, raising the kids, or the aftermath of Harvey. It feels like there’s not enough time from morning to night. When (or if) you get a free moment, rarely are you alone. Many couples feel guilty for ta...

September 11, 2017

It has been 16-years since the 9/11 attack in New York City. May all the lives that were lost on that day rest in peace. Many families are still carrying the burden of its effect today. National security has advanced in attempt to prevent similar attacks in the future....

August 27, 2017

Relationships are complicated and nowhere is that more evident than when you’re dating. Each person behaves and communicates differently. For example, assume you and your partner get home from a long day of work and meetings. One of you - the extrovert - is eager to ta...

July 30, 2017

No matter where you work or who you live with, you’ll experience conflict. This is especially true mid-summer; as temperatures rise, so do our tempers. Not to mention there are new transitions happening at home. In mid to late summer you begin thinking about the kids g...

July 10, 2017

Fear of commitment is a common theme in movies, songs and love stories. It exists in both men and women, but is supported and actually excused with men. In fact, when I asked a group of friends which sex is more likely to have a fear of commitment they all said unanimo...

July 3, 2017

Relationships are complicated and, although they bring great joy, they also bring challenges. Often, there are things you don’t understand about yourself until you’re involved in an intimate relationship, and one of those things is codependence. Although most relations...

June 27, 2017

One of the main complaints that bring couples to my office for sex counseling is lack of sex. There are many reasons couples don’t enjoy sex anymore.

June 25, 2017

The three stages of love and marriage: you don’t know em, but you love em. You know em, and don’t love em. You know em and you love em. –Unknown

I was recently asked by a viewer why women try to change their partner soon after they become intimate. This question sparked...

June 19, 2017

You go to work, you come home, and then you’re surrounded by kids. Your partner then comes home, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. If you feel as though life is closing in on you and you’re being suffocated with too much “togetherness,” you’re not alone. When you can’...

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