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Relationships, Parenting, and Emotional Wellness

September 1, 2020

Maybe you know or even love someone that needs constant drama in their lives. They run to one crisis to another and often drag you into the middle of it. They are generous about sharing all the details about their latest terrible situation and workplace feud. 

People wi...

July 29, 2020

Friends are a necessary lifeline during hard times. According to author Lydia Denworth, the saying, “life is about survival of the fittest,” should actually be, “life is about survival of the friendliest,” during a pandemic. Our friends are often our top support system...

February 21, 2020

Part of being in a relationship is being annoyed with your partner sometimes. When you’re annoyed, naturally the person you want to vent to is your friend. That’s normal, and most friends share their annoyances with each other. However, when your friend begins telling...

March 25, 2019

Happify is an organization with experts and scientist who study happiness. They have determined that 50% of how happy a person feels is genetic. However, that leaves 50% up to us to decide. Emotions can be contagious just like the common cold. It’s no secret that certa...

November 26, 2018

Ribbons, wrappings, and bows are beautiful, but once you open the package and see the gift the moment of sheer happiness is short-lived. Psychology research has shown that experiences bring more happiness than possessions. Anticipation of the experience brings joy to t...

August 27, 2018

Does your partner cringe when you have a girl’s or guy’s night? Do they complain about one of your friends in particular? A recent study following couples in long-term relationships suggests that some friends may be toxic to your marriage. Seven U.S universities collab...

July 27, 2018

Being someone’s friend means you protect each other. You don’t let each other drink and drive or put themselves in harm’s way. You support each other and are honest with your feelings. You build a relationship based on trust and honesty, knowing your friend will be the...

April 16, 2018

A recent article in Time Magazine revealed that friends not only make us feel good but positively impact our health. Socially isolated people are twice as likely to die from heart disease than those with a solid social circle. Strong relationships also support mental h...

January 8, 2017

It’s a new year and you’re hoping to resolve the past with unreasonable people and work it out. However, that’s not going to happen no matter how hard you try. Unreasonable people are unreasonable and that means you cannot reason with them; but, you can still find peac...

May 10, 2016

When you meet your special person it may feel as though the two of you are complete, and you are for a while. But marriage and relationships benefit from having friends. Friends give you support when you’re feeling isolated and their perspective helps you understand yo...

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