30 Easy Jobs You Can Do To Earn Money Over Summer Vacation

Parents, it is almost summer time. Are your kids saying “NO” to summer camps, or sleep overs? Encouraging entrepreneur behaviors are a wise decision in a recession. If your teens are motivated to work, the lessons they can learn by setting up their own business and being accountable are endless. I have written this short article to help you guide them as they brainstorm what may be the perfect job for them. Happy summer and stay busy!


  1. Start a traveling car wash business. Take your brushes, towels, etc. to people’s homes and wash their cars while they are at work (you can safely wash about 5 cars a day).
  2. Tutor someone’s child in a subject you excel in. This will help you get better with a subject you are already good at and help you earn extra cash.
  3. Grocery shop for someone (use your own bags and get the groceries cheaper while staying green). Your employer doesn’t need to know you got a discount.
  4. Pick up dry cleaning for people. This is a hassle and I would hire someone to do this for me.
  5. Mow people’s lawns.
  6. Garden for someone (my gardener charges me weekly).
  7. Begin an “ironing service.” Most people like to wash their own clothes but hate ironing. You can do this in front of the TV.
  8. Babysit.
  9. Teach small children how to swim.
  10. Make business cards for mom, dad, or their friends (computer skills are necessary).
  11. Make websites people.
  12. Begin a brownie, cake or cupcake service. Most people like having sweets in their home. How about offering homemade ones with a weekly or daily delivery?
  13. Become the designated chef for mom and dad. Tell them the price to have dinner waiting for them each night. This is a real treat for them and extra cash for you.
  14. Make and sell flowerpots. Why would we buy a flowerpot if we could have an individually designed one? Most people garden in the summer, and looking at a pretty flowerpot makes women happy.
  15. Give your parents Twitter or Facebook classes. So many adults want to learn these methods of communication but are too intimidated. If you make a simple-to-use manual and then offer cheap classes, you will have more business than you know what to do with.
  16. Create DVDs for families. This involves Internet skill as well as photography skills. Old photos set to music are a wonderful keepsake for people. Most of us don’t have time to make them, but would love to buy one of our loved ones.
  17. Create greeting cards. Look at prices in the stores so you have a comparison of prices, but do know that handmade cards often sell for up to $5.99 each.
  18. Washing windows. Everyone likes clean windows, but it is such a hassle. You could roughly do three houses a day depending upon the number of windows involved.
  19. Cleaning gutters. A big job for dads and moms on weekends. If you are good with ladders, you can clean roughly two to three houses a day.
  20. Walk people’s dogs.
  21. Pet sit. Our pet sitter was irreplaceable to us. We adopted her as our own, and our animals loved her more than they loved us.
  22. Give piano lessons.
  23. Give guitar lessons.
  24. Give Spanish or other foreign language lessons.
  25. Teach oil painting classes.
  26. Teach sketching classes with meetings at the local museum (people love to go somewhere new to learn).
  27. Give sewing lessons. Most people between the ages of 25 and 40 have no idea how to sew, and little time to learn. They feel intimidated, but learning from someone they think of as a kid makes it easier.
  28. Sew buttons or alter clothes. I pay so much for my own tailor and she is 13 years old.
  29. If your parents are home on a Saturday morning and don’t mind, offer a “painting class” for young children at your home. Kids love to learn, and moms (and dads) love having kids in a safe place on Saturday morning so they have time for each other.
  30. Offer a dog or pet grooming service. People spend money on their pets and all you need is a tub, access to water, a grooming brush, old towels and pet shampoo.