70 Things to Do with Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Instead of Sex

Mary Jo gives a list of 70 things to do with your significant other besides having sex. These things will bring you closer to each other and not expose you to possible pregnancy or STDs.

I was fascinated when I surveyed teens asking why they had sex.

The top three answers for Boys were:
1. They were curious.
2. They were pressured by peers.
3. It felt good.

The top 3 answers for Girls’ were:
1. They were afraid of losing their boyfriend if they didn’t have sex.
2. They wanted a boyfriend and thought this would help them get one.
3. They thought it would make them more popular.

As I reviewed the answers I was struck with a very real awareness. The girl’s were having sex to please someone else.  And many times boys were having sex because they didn’t know what else to do.

Deep and meaningful relationships are important in adolescence, but many teenage couples turn to sex as a last resort.

Here is a list of 70 things that you can do with your boyfriend.  Try’em all if you want to!!!  These things will bring you closer to each other and not expose you to possible pregnancy or STDs.

1. Go to the park.

2. Watch a little league game

3. Rent some movies you both like and watch them together

4. Pack some old bread and cereal and go feed the ducks. When too cold, feed the squirrels, birds (there is always a hungry animal)

5. Get a game of beach volleyball together. Play sand volleyball at the beach or the park

6. Go to the zoo.

7. Play a game or two of pool.

8. Plan to see a movie.

9. Plan your dream home.

10. Cut out photos of your dream home.

12. Make a scrapbook of your friendship

13. Take photos of each other.

14. Sketch each other

15. Cook a new recipe together.

16. Make a toothpick house.

17. Make a sand castle.

18. Go paint pottery at a ceramic store. Houston: www.themadpotter.com

19. Make a CD of great music for each other.

20. Take apart his favorite song and tell him which verses remind you of him

21. Wash the family pets.

22. Wash the family cars.

23. Go to a High School football game.

24. Volunteer for an Assisted Living Home. Ask different patients to tell you how they met.

25. Plant a garden (you can do this inside by using pots).

26. Make a card for each other.

27. Make a book titled 50 things I like about you.

28. Learn to crochet or knit.

29. Submit an article to a local newspaper that will improve people’s lives.

30. Do extra credit together for a class.

31. Go to the library, and share neat books.

32. Go bowling.

33. Talk about your goals and values. Ask each other how you can help them achieve their goals.

34. Get a job working for your parents and do it together.

35. Cook dinner for you parents…take turns on whose home you go to.

36. Go to a Yoga class together.

37. Take a dance class together.

38. Learn to weight lift. This will improve your body and your mind.

39. Go to each other’s churches.

40. Visit a flea market on a Sunday.

41. Go bird watching.

42. Go one whole day without talking to each other. Write down everything you wanted to say.

43. Write each other a love letter. Put some thought and work into it.

44. Have a Monopoly marathon. Invite two other friends.

45. Attend a college play.

46. Attend a college sporting event.

47. Go to a job fair in an area of your interest.

48. Go to the Planetarium.

49. Sketch where the stars are and then chart it.

50. Go canoeing on Buffalo Bayou.

51. Get involved in a community outing.

52. Become a “reader “for a local church or to help “shut ins”.

53. Make pizza for your family. Let everyone order the kind they want.

54. Have a picnic. You can even do this in the living room.

55. Get involved in the Soup Kitchen at your local community center.

56. Help each other clean out your closet and donate the clothes to someone with less or have a big clothes exchange with your friends.

57. Help each other paint your room.

58. Go fishing.

59. Teach each other your area of expertise.

60. Go biking.

61. Sign up for a sports event like the MS 150.

62. Run/walk the Komen Race for the Cure.

63. Sign up to do the “Walk from Obesity”

64. Do the walk for the March of Dimes.

65. Do the run for Leukemia.

66. If you know someone sick, organize a “fund raiser”.

67. Volunteer at the Salvation Army.

68. Watch each other’s shows on TV and talk about the episode.

69. Take up a “Parent Sport” like golfing. Go with your parents.

70. Talk to your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s parents. How do they feel about your relationship with their son/daughter?

Before you have sex, you should ask yourself a few important questions:
1. why am I doing this?
2. Is that a good enough reason to risk possible pregnancy or STD?

If you are under the age of 20 your risk of breaking up with your current boyfriend is in the 90th percentile. Think about that before you accept the responsibility that comes with having sex.

I hope that you enjoy my list of things to do with your boyfriend.  For more great information check out Start Talking.  You can buy it now from my book store.